NARUTO: Explosion Series

NARUTO: Explosion is a series which occurs roughly 150 years after Naruto Uzumaki ended his reign as Rokudaime Hokage. It's full of adventure, and awaits members to participate!
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 NEW MARVEL: A Marvel Universe RPG

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PostSubject: NEW MARVEL: A Marvel Universe RPG   NEW MARVEL: A Marvel Universe RPG EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 7:56 pm

NEW MARVEL: A Marvel Universe RPG

In a world known only as Novus-Terra, Superbeings are very present. Since the beginning of time there have been those gifted with Superpowers, but none of those were the Superbeings of the Marvel Universe that we've become so fond of today...

For the most part, the World has recovered from a 3rd World War. This World War resulted in the "Big Three", three Superpowers who now have control over the World. Most of the Superbeings inhabit the World's Superpower, known only as the United Lands. However, just recently the Deceiver's Act was passed, and now, the use of Superheroes, or their activities within the Government's territory have been prohibited - banished entirely in the United Lands. Most of the people are satisfied with this decision, and have confidence in their Government, the Superbeings effected by this Act, have even betrayed their morals, fewer remain loyal to a righteous path. Other Nations are thinking about following in the United Lands footsteps, but, have yet to do so.

Where do Superheroes go when they cannot be where they're needed? Perhaps they are too strong to turn their backs on the United Lands, or, perhaps they do in fact find somewhere else to go; all the World knows is that the United Lands is most frequently targeted by Villainous individuals, and it is the source of perhaps the most power-hungry humans in the entire World. Sure, moving out of the United Lands sounds easy... But, everywhere else there is chaos, or peace of its own that finds such support as disruptive or destructive.

Will the Villainous beings of the World finally rise to power? Or will the Heroes of the World remain strong, and continue to combat their attempts on the domination, or destruction of the World as we know it?! Only time will tell in this strange, expansive tale.

I am the co-creator of this Forum, and it should be a pleasant Forum for anyone interested in Superbeings, and Superpowers. Its aim is at the moment intended to be a laid-back community, but, that may change with time; we're looking for members, and we'd be glad to have anyone interested in Forum RPG's take a look, and hopefully join in on the fun.

Join now!

"I am the one who will establish peace and order."

NEW MARVEL: A Marvel Universe RPG Rikudou_Signature-1
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NEW MARVEL: A Marvel Universe RPG
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