NARUTO: Explosion Series

NARUTO: Explosion is a series which occurs roughly 150 years after Naruto Uzumaki ended his reign as Rokudaime Hokage. It's full of adventure, and awaits members to participate!
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 The Dead Breathe Once More (Hokage please)

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PostSubject: The Dead Breathe Once More (Hokage please)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:34 pm

After ten long years, Felix had finally returned home or what he had once thought of as home. I thought I would feel different after returning here, but so little has changed in ten years. The faces in the normal guard have changed, but the rotation stays the same. They change the guard ever hour in which time the gates are unguarded for ten minutes, that is when I will make my move. No one needs to know I am here just yet.

During the guard shift Felix slid silently into the Kohona under the cover of night, after he made sure no one had followed him he made his way towards his old home. Looking at the door to his parent’s shop a tinge of guilt pained his heart. I am truly sorry for not telling you I was alive, but I had to cut all my ties to my family in order to learn how to utilize the Sage chakra. I am sorry, but you must not know of your son. Felix let out a sigh as he looked at the Yellow Ribbon tied to the front door. “It is good to see that hope shines through in these desperate times.”

After his short stop off at his old home, Felix made for the Hokage’s office. Finding his way in was simple enough as no one would be there this time of night. Making himself comfortable on the couch; Felix smiled it is rude of a kage not to see their guests. Then finishing his thought he spoke loudly enough for any who might be listening “Especially when their ANBU guards are watching one such as I very closely. If you don’t mind I would like a word with your kage.”
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Kazuki Nuuben

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PostSubject: Re: The Dead Breathe Once More (Hokage please)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:59 pm

Kazuki was looking out of his window when unknown person came in to his office. He turned around in his chair and saw that the ANBU was there. He then said Its okay you guys you can leave I dont think he mean any harm. Also can one of you pick me up some ramen. The ANBU leader shook his head and all of the ANBU left. He then said Its rude to not introduce yourself and also why are you here. He said in a Sasuke type tone.
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The Dead Breathe Once More (Hokage please)
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