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NARUTO: Explosion is a series which occurs roughly 150 years after Naruto Uzumaki ended his reign as Rokudaime Hokage. It's full of adventure, and awaits members to participate!
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 Doctor Paradoxial Strange Mental Evaluation

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PostSubject: Doctor Paradoxial Strange Mental Evaluation    Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:15 am

Doctor Paradoxial Strange Mental Evaluation

The Good Doctor is quite a character indeed. This mental status for the most part is unstable but the intelligence he displays and the frigid logic he abides by make him seem perfectly sane at the first glance; his physical appearance also makes him appear quite normal and makes him a hit with the ladies but problems do exist for the Doctor and they will not be going a way anytime soon. The problems revolve around the death of his wife and daughter and his quest to bring them back. He was deeply and gravely traumatized by they're murder and even today he still seems somewhat traumatized but I doubt anyone would notice with out him revealing it.

The Doctors intelligence is great and being from the Nara Clan it is understandable as the men all seem to have incredibly high IQ's but the Doctor is a little different then most of his family members when it comes to the use of said intelligence and other common traits among the men of his Clan; most Nara men are incredibly lazy, are scared of their wives or female colleagues, and seemingly care deeply about the Yamanaka and Akimachi Clan's of Konoha. The Good Doctors intelligence can not be measured by normal or abnormal scales or tests of Intelligence as he does not allow himself to fall for those tricks but it is assumed that his IQ sits somewhere high above the 200 IQ mark.

His views on life are somewhat scary and intriguing due to some bizarre train of thought. He feels as if "life is meaningless and that there is no point to it but doing what you must and living it however one see fits", but this is not the strange part although it does show some detachment and allows one to ponder on why he does the things he does. The strange and obscure part is how he applies it to his life and his undeniable quest for some form of enlightenment which will only be achieved through the manipulation of life its self and the death of many others. If he were to be compared with another one of society's most feared he would be something of a serial killer but albeit much more dangerous and even harder to catch then most. He has no respect for the lives of others (but refuses to kill children and is iffy about killing women), he experiments on them and uses them as he see fits, and will stop at nothing to complete his goals. This has earned him the nickname "the Butcher".

Some traits one might see from the Good Doctor is the constant smile on his face and his undeniable charm. Slight moments of perversion appear here and there but one can't be to certain about what he really means. Why you ask, why can't whats really on his mind and his true intentions be discovered by most? Well if the readers of this evaluation must know its because of the way he speaks. He speaks in riddles and leave countless questions in his wake, creating confusion and playing with the mind of others like cats play with mice, and if he were to be compared to something he would be something similar to an elaborate Rubixcube. He seemingly takes pride in work and is very mysterious to the people around him. Most people only know one thing about the Good Doctor and that he is a Good Doctor... well at least during the day. To the people of Konoha the Doc is a miracle worker who delivers babies, preforms incredibly difficult and dangerous operations with 0 known casualties, and saves the Shinobi that make it through his doors but in the dead of night he changes. He is like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde for at night he becomes a monster; working on corpses and prisoners in the dead of night in some unknown laboratory one would suspect came from a horror movie, mutating animals and man alike to create monsters and living weapons that he has sold in the past to fund his endeavors.

But besides all that he is perfectly sane and a well functioning human being but one you would want to stay away from after all he is the Good Doctor... he is the Butcher of Mankind... and a Pale Man riding a Pale Horse which is proceeded by War, Famine, and ,eventually, Death... he is the living breathing incarnation of a monster far worse then the Devil himself and any demon you could come up with but like the real Pestilence he is needed for mankind to move forward and face its Devils before their Lost Paradise can once again be opened.

~ Dr. P. Strange~
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Doctor Paradoxial Strange Mental Evaluation
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