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NARUTO: Explosion is a series which occurs roughly 150 years after Naruto Uzumaki ended his reign as Rokudaime Hokage. It's full of adventure, and awaits members to participate!
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 Supreme Release: Inevitable Devastation (Shikouton: Hitsuzen Senmetsu)

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Supreme Release: Inevitable Devastation (Shikouton: Hitsuzen Senmetsu) Empty
PostSubject: Supreme Release: Inevitable Devastation (Shikouton: Hitsuzen Senmetsu)   Supreme Release: Inevitable Devastation (Shikouton: Hitsuzen Senmetsu) EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 11:53 pm

Jutsu Information

Type: Kinjutsu

Nature: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, and Wind combined. (Shikouton)

Rank: S

Class: Offensive

Name: Supreme Release: Inevitable Devastation (Shikouton: Hitsuzen Senmetsu)

Description: By simply using the Dragon hand seal, and releasing a large amount of chakra, Matsuda is capable of emitting a giant spiraling rainbow vortex behind him, which quickly increases with speed, and movement. It takes the form of a Galaxy, and as it continues to spiral tails start coming out, first a single, beautiful blue tail of chakra, shortly following a red tail, then a viridian tail, a yellow tail, and finally, a brown tail. Immediately afterward these tails spiral close enough, and start intertwining into one above Matsuda. This technique while in development temporarily blinds those nearby, within a 6m radius (20ft). After using even more chakra, and gravity manipulation, Matsuda condenses all of these intertwining tails into a single, powerful rainbow ball. The ball lowers itself into his hand slowly, and he then releases it towards his target(s). It comes spiraling towards all those nearby in a drilling formation, as it extends it gets larger, and moves freely, causing massive destruction by combining all 5 of the basic elements. It has no weakness since it results in a combination of all 5 basic elements, but requires a lot of time and chakra. Shikouton: Hitsuzen Senmetsu reflects the Sahasrara of the seven chakras, in appearance as well as ideology.

Perquisite(s): The user must have preserved a lot of chakra prior to using this technique.

Limitations: It takes two posts to prepare this technique, and only afterward can it be used. After being used, this technique takes quite a toll on Matsuda, and renders him weak, and very low on chakra. Though it’s capable of destroying terrain, and devastating its targets, it comes with a price, and cannot be used for another 15 posts.

User(s): Only Matsuda is known to have created this technique, and use it – however, it is possible that the Sage of Six Paths created a similar technique.

"I am the one who will establish peace and order."

Supreme Release: Inevitable Devastation (Shikouton: Hitsuzen Senmetsu) Rikudou_Signature-1
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Supreme Release: Inevitable Devastation (Shikouton: Hitsuzen Senmetsu)
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