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NARUTO: Explosion is a series which occurs roughly 150 years after Naruto Uzumaki ended his reign as Rokudaime Hokage. It's full of adventure, and awaits members to participate!
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 Uchiha Karasu

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Karasu Uchiha
The Last Uchiha
The Last Uchiha
Karasu Uchiha

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Character sheet
Name: Karasu Uchiha
Affiliation: Kirigakure
Rank: Genin

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Personal Information

October 21


Uchiha Karasu


Karasu is a quiet and ambitious shinobi, he is very determined to prove himself and has an insatiable demand to learn new Jutsu and become more powerful. Karasu is also arrogant, a trait that many of his male peers dislike while his female peers think it is attractive. Karasu is cool. calm, and collective and keeps mostly to himself. Karasu is known to train more than conversing. Karasu has been said to carry similiar personality traits to that of Uchiha Sasuke.

Karasu likes the word power and enjoys training to better his abilities.

Annoying People, Hotheadedness, and war.

Physical Information




90 Pounds

Hair Color

Eye Color
Black (Normal)
Red (Sharingan Active)

General Appearance
Uchiha Karasu Karasu10

Clan Information

Uchiha Ichizoku

Kekke Genkai/Hiden
Sharingan (2 Tomoes)
- Ability to see Chakra Flow
- Incredible clarity of perception
- Ability to easily recognize genjutsu and different forms of chakra. (not to the same extent as the Byakugan)
- Ability to pick up on subtle details, enabling them to read lip movements or mimic something like pencil movement.

Head of the Household
Hasu Uchiha

Social Information

Uchiha Iguru - Karasu's older brother who currently serves as an ANBU of Kirigakure. He is considered a prominent shinobi of the village. Karasu is very competitive towards him as he wants to be better than Iguru.

Uchiha Hasu- Karasu and Iguru's mother who became the head of household after her husband died. She takes care of Karasu and Iguru.

Uchiha Fenikkusu- Karasu's and Iguru's father as well as Hasu's husband. He was killed during the war, Iguru witnessed his death but Karasu took it more harshly once the news was received. Iguru however eventually overcame their loss.

Karasu doesn't really have any time for friends he believes they only get in his way with his goal to become one of the most powerful shinobi.

Ninja Status


Ninja Registration



Academy Graduation Age

Chakra Information

Fire Release




Additional Jutsu


(Any jutsu that you create, or that your character has learned will be moved here. This only applies to those jutsu you've created, or learned AFTER your character application was approved. Only Administrators have the power to add the Jutsu you've created, or that you've learned to this section of the character app. You will leave this portion of the app. blank to start with.)


Ninja Tools
Kunai (15)
Smoke Kunai (5)- Disorients opponents.
Exploding Tag (10)- Explode on impact.
Shuriken (10)
Soldier Pills (5)
Med-kits (3)
Senbon (12)
Smoke Bombs (4)
Wires (12)

Primary Weapon
None (Currently)

Secondary Weapon
None (Currently)

Biography & RP-Sample

Karasu was born just outside Kirigakure on his families farm. Karasu earned his name when an event took place just after he was born. On a cold night Karasu was snuggled in his crib and his parents and six year old brother Iguru were all asleep. When the family awoke in the morning Karasu was gone his mother Hasu was greatly worried about her baby boy and ran to the Mizukage's Palace to inform the Raikage, crying with tears shedding down her face the Raikage could not help but feel sorry for her and ordered an ANBU unit to investigate. Of course Fenikkusu, Hasu's husband was already looking before the ANBU were even aware of the event while Iguru remained at the farm tending to the animals. It only took a few minutes for the ANBU to catch up with Fenikkusu and continue their search. The search took three days with no success however on the fourth day a strange thing had happened a Crow was flying in the sky along with a few others and landed next to Fenikkusu and the ANBU unit, for some reason the group got the idea that perhaps the crows were trying to help and so when they flew off Fenikkusu and the ANBU unit followed. It took an hour before the Crows halted and landed on a nearby tree, it was here that an underground laboratory was being run illegally. The group headed towards the hidden doorway that led to the Laboratory and eventually came to an abrupt halt to their surprise the notorious Missing-nin Tenmamikoto, the infamous experimental ninja was attempting to take control of Karasu's body so that he could be reborn and become more powerful carrying the traits of an Uchiha so that when he reached adolescence in the boys body he would become more stronger than he imagined. Fenikkusu full of rage charged at the unsuspecting ninja, the ANBU tried holding him back but he was far too quick and killed Tenmamikoto in one blow by slitting his throat using a Kunai. The ANBU were happy for Fenikkusu but also angry, The ANBU followed a code that if they were able to capture a ninja they would return them to the village for questioning, Fenikkusu also being an ANBU let them down as they had the perfect opportunity to stealthy approach the situation and capture Tenmamikoto, due to Fenikkusu emotional outbreak he destroyed the opportunity to capture a notorious Missing-nin. Fenikkusu immediately headed towards Hasu to inform her of the good news, Karasu was to be kept in the Medical Facility to recuperate while being examined so that the Medical Ninja could see if anything was wrong with him, the ANBU had returned the corpse of Tenmamikoto so that he could be shipped off to Konohagakure and investigated by a member of the Yamanaka Clan. The next day Hasu and Fenikkusu named the boy Uchiha Karasu which meant Crow as it was thanks to the Crows that they got their son back.

When Karasu turned six years old he was enrolled in Kirigakure's Ninja Academy, Karasu would often keep himself determined to surpass his older brother and did extremely well in the Ninja Academy. When Iguru had his breaks from training with his squad he would often spend time with his brother and help train him as well as show him how to run the farm. Karasu didn't really have a father figure as Fenikkusu was always working in the ANBU and going on missions so the fact that his older brother would spend time with him gave Karasu a male role model to look up too but also compete against at the same time. Overall Karasu spent many days with his older brother going on adventures and enjoying life. Hasu, Karasu's mother was also their a lot in his life and cared much for her boys, Iguru was somewhat a momma's boy which also influenced Karasu to be a momma's boy as well. Overtime however a great event would change Karasu's life forever. Due to the Ninja world's low moral state the Daimyo's had risen greatly and began passing unorthodox laws, this was when the beginning of the Fifth Great Shinobi World War and the start of a Nightmare for all shinobi.

During the war Karasu was affected greatly, this was because both his father and brother left to assist Kirigakure during the war. Karasu became a scared, worried, and emotional young boy with only his mother to look after him. Every night Karasu could only hope that his brother and father were still alive as he would never truly know until the war was over. With the emptiness of his brother and father Karasu became more determined and trained even harder usually coming home with bloody hands and sweat pouring down his face. When Karasu turned ten he was already on the list of 'most eligible number one rookies' as he was one of the best students in his class.

When Karasu turned eleven the unimaginable happened, the fifth great shinobi world war had finally ended and shinobi that set out during the war were returning to their villages, Karasu couldn't wait to tell his father and brother how well he was doing in the academy and overall couldn't wait to see them. Karasu along with his mother waited outside the village with the many inhabitants for their families to return. Iguru had finally arrived and was given a hug by his brother and mother, it was an emotional reunion. However, the happiness would soon turn to sadness as Karasu asked Iguru where "Dad was?" and Iguru's smile turned into a frown, Hasu covered her mouth and began crying silently she had already knew the news, Iguru knelled down to Karasu and began speaking to him . Iguru had told Karasu that "Father sacrificed himself to save a group of ANBU along with Iguru himself", Karasu then became angry and sad, as tears and rage broke out in the boy. Punching at his older brother Iguru who then stopped him and comforted him. "I am sorry Karasu...". It was at this turning point that Karasu became even more determined so that an event like this would never happen again.

Karasu had finally graduated the academy at age twelve and was rewarded the title of "Number One Rookie" though he didn't care, he had new goals now. Karasu had vowed to become more powerful than any shinobi, so that if a war was ever to occur again Karasu could use all his power to prevent it whether it be aggressively or passively one way or the other Karasu had promised to be the victor and end it. Though Karasu was less tolerant of others than ever before he still had a great respect for his mother Hasu and his brother Iguru and would spend the time he had left during the day with the two of them. Today, Karasu continues to train and fulfill his personal goal in life, he still spends time with his family when he gets the chance but keeps mostly to himself.

Karasu had just come back from a long and arduous training session, he could not let time destroy his goal to become the most powerful shinobi of his time. Arriving at his mother's farm for dinner he was sweating and his hand were cut up pretty bad, Karasu arrived at the table and sat down as usual though quiet and letting his mother and brother do most of the talking. "Mother, I know it isn't right to talk about ANBU mission's but you both are family so I will do so anyway, I along with a few other ANBU were given a task to investigate a Rogue shinobi camp, when we arrived we spotted over twenty one shinobi, I am beginning to worry that due to the poverty increase during the war that crime is at an all time high, and poor souls that can't afford food and other needs are killing others that do" Iguru told his mother Karasu just sat their slowly eating his food, the two could see his cut up hands his mother looked at Karasu, "Oh dear! your hands are all cut up Karasu, let me get some bandages", after Hasu spoke Iguru looked at his brother while their mother was retrieving bandages, "Karasu... you should not push yourself so hard, even a shinobi needs rest... I know you are still heart broken about father but-" Iguru was interrupted by his brother, "I told you not to mention his name!", his brother than looked at him with a sad face feeling bad for his younger brother, "Karasu... I didn't mean to get you angry..." Karasu then ran up to his bedroom and laid on his bed looking up at the ceiling. Hasu came back and asked Iguru, "Where is Karasu?", "I accidentally mentioned father, I will talk to him in a moment, sorry mother", "It is okay Iguru I just wonder if he will ever get over your father's death, it was not in vain... please take these bandages up to him", Iguru headed towards the stairs with the bandages after cleaning his, Karasu and Hasu dishes. Iguru arrived at Karasu's bedroom and sat next to his brother who was looking up at the ceiling on his bed, "karasu, let me see your hands" Iguru asked, he had to forcefully grab his arm as Karasu wouldn't give Iguru his arm to bandage up, "Karasu, I know you are sad and angry that father died in the war, but you must remember that his death was not in vain", "How can you say father's death was not in vain he sacrificed himself for you and those other shinobi, you guys didn't even do anything, you all just let him die" Iguru was growing impatient with his brother, "Karasu! don't you ever say that I let father die! I miss him just as much as you do, you need to overcome the past or else it will consume you and make you what you despise. Father saved nine shinobi at the cost of his own life, I would have done the same", "I apologize brother, perhaps in time I too will overcome his loss, but until then I will continue to train and become powerful so that one day I can destroy all war no matter what the cost!" Iguru knew that his brother was being illogical but he knew it was best to leave him be, "Goodnight Karasu..." Iguru said.

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Character sheet
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"I am the one who will establish peace and order."

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Uchiha Karasu
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