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NARUTO: Explosion is a series which occurs roughly 150 years after Naruto Uzumaki ended his reign as Rokudaime Hokage. It's full of adventure, and awaits members to participate!
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 Note on Jutsu

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PostSubject: Note on Jutsu   Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:29 pm


Remember that every basic Chakra nature has a strength, and a weakness. For example, if one's Fire Style jutsu is C-rank, and someone's water jutsu is C-rank, the water will overcome the fire, if one's fire style technique is C-rank, and the water style technique is B-rank it will also overwhelm the fire.

Also note that the elements of Chakra differ in effect to the elements of science more often then not. For example, if fire hits sand it won't conduct glass, for these natures are infused with chakra, which is a special property in its own sense.

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Note on Jutsu
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