NARUTO: Explosion Series

NARUTO: Explosion is a series which occurs roughly 150 years after Naruto Uzumaki ended his reign as Rokudaime Hokage. It's full of adventure, and awaits members to participate!
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 The Forbidden Scroll

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The Forbidden Scroll Empty
PostSubject: The Forbidden Scroll   The Forbidden Scroll EmptyThu Jun 17, 2010 3:31 pm

Forbidden Scroll

The Forbidden Scroll commands...

1. There can be absolutely no God-modding; members are prohibited to take control of another character, and by control we mean manipulating the actions of the character! They also CANNOT be undeniably powerful in-character according to the Staff's standards of what being powerful, and not being so powerful is!

2. All members must be respected - the Staff are members too, so BE POLITE!

3. Every in-character post MUST BE at least 5-7 sentences long, this makes the entire experience a lot more prolonged and enjoyable for the rest of us involved.

4. In in-character combat, Rule #3 doesn't apply, primarily because combat can involve one or two simple actions, that lead to a chain of reactions.

5. If you're posting outside-of-character in an in-character thread, be sure to surround that text with (OOC: [insert text here]).

6. The Author is the Master of his thread - he is responsible for its existence, as well as its progression The Author is expected to come up with the general scenario as well. Please respect the Author's authority. If you feel he/she is being unfair, please bring it to the Staff.

7. Any in-character thread with more then 3 members involved should have a posting order! This posting order needs to be addressed by the Author.

8. If another member would like to join a progressive thread that consists of more then 3 members, he/she MUST receive permission from the Author of that thread.

9. Second accounts will be prohibited unless members receive special permission from an Administrator. Do not request a second character a couple weeks after being active with your primary character. The Staff will catch you if you decide to break this Rule, and make a second account anyways, it will be very costly for your account in this community!

10. Any kind of content above PG-14 is prohibited! This primarily includes pornography. You will definitely be punished for posting such kind of content anywhere on this Forum, even in the chatbox.

11. Your characters cannot refer to events that happened to them in a different thread unless that thread is complete. A paradoxical forum is a wild one that makes it a lot more difficult to remain organized!

12. You cannot simply kill other members - you must receive approval by the person you are trying to kill in order to do so. After all, without a character the Forum won't be much fun for the member; HOWEVER this doesn't mean that member can't be defeated in combat, or captured, or tortured, etc... Be creative, the Staff encourage creativity!

13. Lastly for the General Rules, please ENJOY yourselves!
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The Forbidden Scroll
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