NARUTO: Explosion Series

NARUTO: Explosion is a series which occurs roughly 150 years after Naruto Uzumaki ended his reign as Rokudaime Hokage. It's full of adventure, and awaits members to participate!
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 Common E-A Rank Jutsu of Naruto

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Hachidaime Mizukage
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Common E-A Rank Jutsu of Naruto  Empty
PostSubject: Common E-A Rank Jutsu of Naruto    Common E-A Rank Jutsu of Naruto  EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 1:10 am

Basic Jutsu (E-Rank)


D-Rank Techniques (Genin)


C-Rank Techniques (Genin-Chunin)


B-Rank Techniques (Chunin-Jonin)


A-rank Techniques (Jonin-Kage)


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Common E-A Rank Jutsu of Naruto  Rikudou_Signature-1
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Common E-A Rank Jutsu of Naruto
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